October 8

The Ultimate Heavy Bag Workout


Do you find you bag workouts uninspiring? Like you are wasting you time on some meaningless bag of sand?

Maybe you have mastered your routine and need some way of challenging yourself. Do you wish you could train like a world class boxer, and get the best and most intense workout of your life?

Then look no further – this workout I am about to give away to you for FREE is one of the best kept SECRETS at FFA. I was taught this routine by a three time world champion kickboxer in Eric “El Tigre” Castanos, who also coached greats like Jermain Taylor (world champion boxer who defeated Bernard Hopkins twice).

I remember the first time I did this routine, I nearly passed out from exhaustion. My hands felt like anvils afterwards and I just wanted to collapse and merge with the floor. So is this just a venture for masochists who want to make themselves feel miserable?

Nonsense, the level of CONDITIONING, POWER and TIMING that you will develop from this routine is second to NONE. You will be a BETTER fighter after this workout! Let’s get started!

Rounds (13, 3 minute rounds, 30 seconds rest)

  1. Warm Up – Jump Rope
  2. Fast and Loose Shadow Boxing
  3. Freestyle Heavy Bag Work
  4. Power Shots
  5. Maximize Output
  6. Combo Repetition
  7. Explosive Bursts
  8. Freestyle Heavy Bag Work
  9. Power Shots
  10. Maximize Output
  11. Combo Repetition
  12. Explosive Bursts
  13. Cool Down – Fast and Loose Shadow Boxing

Here is an explanation of the different drills:

Freestyle – This means do whatever you want. You can throw any punch, kick, knee, or elbow combination you desire. Move around, make defensive motions. The best way to visualize this is to pretend you are sparring an opponent. That is how good freestyle bag work should look like.

Power Shots – This drill requires you to focus all of your power into just one strike. In fact, you should only throw only one strike every 3 to 4 seconds. This should feel like maxing out in the weight lifting world. You can repeat the same strike over and over, developing your power with every repetition. This drill will help you build lots of POWER.

Maximize Output – You will be pushed to your limits as you proceed to punch and kick NON-STOP in this round! The goal is to try and land as many strikes as possible. If you are doing this round with a partner, you want to have a punch count. Every strike should be a legit strike, but the focus is on speed and quantity. This is the opposite of the power shots drill.

Combo Repetition – If Power Shots and Maximize Output had a baby, it would be Combo Repetition. In the Combo Repetition round, you will pick a combination to work on (say jab, cross, hook), and perform it explosively. Give yourself a 3 seconds to recover, then repeat. The goal is to deliver your combination with solid technique, swift speed, and tremendous power. This is one of my favorite drills to perform, and also one of the most challenging!

Explosive Bursts – I saved the best for last, and by that I mean the toughest. In this round, you will have 20 seconds of freestyle work, followed by a 10 explosive finishing burst of strikes. The explosion should be like running a sprint – all speed and power delivered ruthlessly onto the bag. You repeat this cycle of 20s freestyle/10s explosive for the whole round. Don’t save anything for later – empty your gas tank on this one folks!

There you have it – one of the toughest, skill and power building routines you will ever face. Go find a heavy bag and give it hell!


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