At FFA, we offer a wide variety of programs you can enroll into:

Tiny Ninjas 2-3

Our Tiny Ninjas program is a great way to get your child started in the martial arts. This program focuses on building discipline, coordination, and team work. It is a great primer for children to get ready for martial arts training, while having a lot of fun and getting exercise in.

Little Ninjas 4-7

The Little Ninjas program will get your child to learn discipline, respect, and build self confidence through the martial arts. Besides learning self defense, the children will also learn important life skills such as bully proofing, stranger danger, and practicing situational awareness. 

Kids 8-12

Our Kids program builds on our Little Ninjas curriculum, and expands the sets of techniques they will learn, from Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, and Wrestling. Our kids program is designed to train your child's body, spirit, and mind for a full workout.

Teens MMA

The Teens MMA program takes the level of training up a notch, and the teens go through a more rigorous curriculum. Learning about leadership skills, developing self esteem, and teamwork skills go along with a higher level of martial arts proficiency.

Adult MMA

Our Adult MMA program is the starting point for all adults, and is our introductory level class. Whether you had some or no experience, you will fit right in and learn from our beginners curriculum the fundamental skills of MMA. This is also an excellent workout, and a lot of fun!

Combat Athlete Program

Our adults that complete our beginner program can then graduate to our Combat Athlete Program (CAP). This is where we begin ranking, and you will be able to do full contact sparring, with proper safety precautions of course. You will be learning and training much like a pro now. :)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) class is specifically focused on the ground fighting element of MMA. Made famous by Royce Gracie in his UFC debut, you will learn a combination of chokes, joint locks, sweeps, and how to control an opponent on the ground.


Kickboxing is the core of our striking curriculum at FFA, and we use elements of Muay Thai, Dutch Kickboxing, Boxing, Tae Kwon Do and Karate. The result is a very versatile striking style that is well suited for self defense and sport applications that can be used by all body types.

Pro/Am Fight Team

Athletes that want to take their training to the next level can join our fight team. We hold team tryouts every few months, and those that qualify will join our amateur fight team. After completing 5 amateur fights, they can go pro. The fight team has additional training sessions by invite.

Women Only Fitness Bootcamp

For women who are interested in a healthy lifestyle, look no further than our Women Only Fitness Bootcamp (WOFB). WOFB focuses on having a healthy lifestyle, which includes crafting meal plans, balanced workouts, and networking with like-minded women to build a better you.

Miami Shooters Club

The Miami Shooters Club (MSC) is a program designed to teach proper usage of firearms. Besides basic training in firearm safety, the MSC offers a variety of training programs, such as applying for a Concealed Weapons Permit, along with earning a multitude of NRA certifications.

Our Famous 30 Day Free Trial Includes:

Free Private Lesson

Once you join our 30 day free trial, we will schedule you for a free private lesson with one of our world class instructors. This lesson will get you orientated with the basics in the martial arts so you will be ready to join the group classes.

Free Uniform

Having a uniform is part of the martial arts experience, and we don't want to throw you in class without looking the part. So we will give you a uniform on the house. You get to keep it without you decide to join or not after the 30 days.

Access To Online Coaching

There is a lot to learn in the Mixed Martial Arts, and you might feel overwhelmed and forget what you learned in class. Not to worry, that is normal. That is why we offer our online coaching portal, FFAcoach.com, for free when you enroll. We are the only MMA gym that offers this to their students. You will get to learn from our curriculum that we have developed over 20 years that has helped create top fighters like UFC Star Jorge "Gamebred" Masvidal and TitanFC Champion Jason "the Specimen" Soares

30 Days Of Group Classes

Once you have completed your private lesson, you will be able to join in the group classes and become part of the team. Classes are 1 hour long, and incorporate warm ups, stretching, technique instruction, practice, and are a fantastic workout. Besides these classes, you are also welcome to visit our open mat sessions available every day, so you can get some extra mat time. You will get to participate in these classes and open mat sessions for a full 30 days for free.

What people are saying about FFA:

"Having traveled around the globe, I find that FFA is one of the best mixed martial arts and training centers worldwide.”

Unlike other schools, their extended and liberal hours of operation provide a way for working professionals, students and families to participate at their convenience. Having traveled around the globe, I find that FFA is one of the best mixed martial arts and training centers worldwide.

Ben AMaba  //  Engineer

"FFA is a great place for any and all ages to learn martial arts."

FFA is a great place for any and all ages to learn martial arts. I've been training here for almost two years and absolutely love the place. They have the best instructors and make you feel at home, like family. There are all kinds of classes, children's, women's bootcamps, MMA, jiu-jitsu, seminars, you name it.. You learn at your own pace right alongside professional fighters without any of the stresses one might imagine. In fact, they are the best at making you feel at home and are always willing to teach you all they know. This has been one of the best things I've ever done for my health while learning a beautiful art and making a lot of great friends at the same time. It's been so great that the first thing I'm going to do when my daughter is old enough is bring her here. There's nothing better to teach confidence and discipline while building health and fitness. I really appreciate all the FFA family has done for me and looking forward to so much more to come.

Frank Rodriguez  //  Author

"It is great, welcoming atmosphere at FFA, everyone is very helpful and friendly."

I have been training at FFA for 6 + years and I highly recommend it! The owners are world class in jiu jitsu having competed at the highest level so you can feel good knowing you are getting great instruction. The instructors are also great. They not only put on great classes, they also stay in touch with their students to make sure they stay consistent coming to class. It is great, welcoming atmosphere at FFA, everyone is very helpful and friendly. I am 48 years old and training MMA at FFA is the best and most enjoyable way I have found to stay in shape. Again, I highly recommend this gym!

Greg Levine //  Sales Manager

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