MMA Ronda Rousey

Holly Holm reacts to former MMA champ Ronda Rousey’s statements about suicidal

During a recent interview, current bantamweight MMA champion Holly Holm was asked about her thoughts on Ronda Rousey’s recent statements regarding suicide following the epic loss last November. As expected, Holm responded very thoughtfully without any judgment.

“I want to make sure everyone knows I don’t take anything like that lightly. It’s a serious subject. I’ve never been in that position, So I’m probably the worst person to give advice for that,” Holm said, who is going up against Miesha Tate this coming UFC 196 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Furthermore, Holm pointed out that her comments might come off as somehow condescending since she was the one who defeated the long-time MMA champion and caused Rousey to get all depressed. So, she tried her best to choose her words carefully in giving any statements about the issue.

MMA Ronda Rousey“I don’t want to sit here and say ‘I’m so sorry’. You don’t want sympathy from the person who created this, because I know that’s probably frustrating. I do want to say that I really think it’s definitely a good thing to always surround yourself with the best people, people who care about you. Maybe that’s something that’s coming out of her mouth that doesn’t really want to fully take in everything. I know for me, any loss that I had, it is a very, very hard thing to swallow. You have to be honest with yourself. Everyone is mentally different,” she said.

Holm went on and gave her personal experience on losing big fights like this.

“I lost that [boxing] fight. Why did I lose that fight? I lost, I didn’t perform well, I didn’t do what I was supposed to do. And for me, I needed to be honest with myself and what I was supposed to do. And for me to get better, I didn’t want to think that was just a freak deal, because then I never would have changed things For me, I got knocked out, and I got stitched up and I went to the press conference that night. I told myself, ‘I need to face this right now.’ The longer I wait to face it, I have to face it no matter what, let’s do this now,” Holly shared.

“I’m not saying this is how other people are supposed to be. This is how my mind works. So maybe she needs to feel like that’s her mentality. Maybe she needs to feel she’s undefeated and she’s on top. For me? Whenever I had a loss, I want to say yes, I lost,” the current champ added.